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The Return of Svensk DödsMetall

The Return… of Svensk DödsMetall – Book (2010) – 272 A4 pages By Nicola Costanini.

The most exhaustive book over the Svensk DödsMetall scene of the golden era 1988-92. In league with Sunlight, a five year project resulting in this absolute must-have book – designed like a classic zine, packed with stories, photos, images and memories. Absolutely essential and almost out of print.

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Grave - Soulless Cassette

We are fucking stoked to re-release Grave’s third studio album SOULLESS on analog cassette, arising from the tombs once more after 23 years! The original 1994 album is a blistering representation of an original death metal giant coming into form – Soulless to the core! Available in sacrificial red (100 copies) and abyssal black (100) extremely rotten and extremely limited!


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Tough Riffs Zine #4

The Other Records and Tough Riffs Zine together present issue #4 (Summer 2017) – Crawling forth from the acrid sewers of the death metal underground is Tough Riffs newest issue. A fetid offering for vile tastes and discerning ghouls! Open the Crypts! This time with AUTOPSY, WOMBBATH, CEREMONY, OBITUARY, UNDERGANG, BEHEADED, ACROSTICHON, BRODEQUIN, CARNAL TOMB, CHRUCH OF DISGUST, RUDE, SKETAL REMAINS, PUTRID PILE, and a DEICIDE special on “LEGION”.


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AUTOPSY - SKIN BEGINS TO ROT Cassette (x3) Boxset

Floga Records tape box set of AUTOPSY classics! Includes: Severed Survival, Mental Funeral, Acts of the Unspeakable. Limited to 800 copies.

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Pungent Stench – Been Caught Buttering

Iconic Joel-Peter Witkin art just waiting to be worn for that special work function. Have you met Jaana from human resources yet?

Official license, Warlord quality. Printed on a Alstyle shirt.

Pungent Stench

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Phrenelith – Chimaerian Offspring EP

Do you think you know putrid death metal? Ever heard of Phrenelith? No? You don’t know shit from silver, son. Copenhagen’s sickest returns with another release that literally OOZES pus and rot.There is something rotten in Denmark indeed. VOMIT. E-fucking-ssential!

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Some October updates…more shirts and zines coming next week:

This weekend we will be Blowup Vol. 3 Korjaamo; The end times are here, so stop by and vomit with us…

New stock updates below, including the second pressing of the inimitable Deadhead zine (!)

Grotesque – In the Embrace of Evil CD
Rest in Pain Zine #2 (Poland) 150 pages A4 (restock)
Slowly We Rot Zine #10 (2017)
Extremity Retained: Notes From the Death Metal Underground (Book) (restock)
Forgotten Path Zine (Lithuania) all issues #2 through #8
Deadhead Fanzine #6
Lord Belial – Kiss the Goat MC
Brutality – Sea of Ignorance MC
Dirt – Dictaterritories 7”
Foreseen – Grave Danger 12”
Diabolic – City of the Dead 12”
Inquisitor – The Quantum Theory of Id CD
Faithxtractor – The Great Shadow Infiltrator CD
Pyrexia – Sermon of Mockery CD
Sadistik Forest – Death, Doom and Radiation CD

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” [H.P. L.]



Here we will feature video clips unearthed from the bowels of the internet. Could be a current release from our own catalogue, could be a selection from our distro items, a cool classic video or just some crazy clip we thought was entertaining. Maybe we’ll make our own videos one day? Only time will tell.