Slowly We Rot Zine #7 (2015)

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Slowly We Rot #7 / 2015

Professionally printed, 60 pages, English written, A4 format, glossy paper, black/white traditional style

Featuring: Abhorrence, Azaghal, Brutality, Devourment, Esoteric, GBMC, LLOTH (in memory of Tristessa, Astarte), Nazxul, Overkill (first part of an amazing vintage interview about the beginnings of the band), Shape of Despair, Varathron…

…and also: 0, Arthedain, Department of Correction, Excimer, Krampus, Metal Race Records, My Funeral, Nex Carnis, Nightbreed, Nitroatmosfericum Records, Pest Productions, Putrid Offal, Regiment, Rotten Music, Skan, The Pete Flesh Deathtrip, Uzziel, Trivax, Vargafrost, Whispering Woods, 200+ reviews


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