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The Other Records Releases:

TOR016: Neolithic – S/T
TOR015: Formless Master – First Strike MC
TOR014: Yacøpsæ ‎– Timeo Ergo Sum MC
TOR013: Cystic: The Last Days MC
TOR012: God Disease: Hymns For Human Extinction MC
TOR011: Depravement: Depths of Depravity MC
TOR010: Oksennus: ЖЖЖ MC
TOR009: Malignant Altar: Retribution of Jealous Gods MC (SOLD OUT)
TOR008: Haeiresis: The Bleaking MC
TOR007: Svartkonst: Devils Blood MC (SOLD OUT)
TOR006: Dark Tranquillity: Skydancer MC
TOR005: Warfuck: This Was Supposed to Be Fun MC (SOLD OUT)
TOR004: Morbid Evils: Deceases MC (SOLD OUT)
TOR003: Grave: Soulless MC (SOLD OUT)
TOR002: Moonsorrow: Jumalten Aika MC (SOLD OUT)
TOR001: Misery Index: Retaliate MC (SOLD OUT)

Coming Soon:

* Malignant Altar – Cermonial Decapitator Ltd. lathe press pic 7″

What is The Other Records?

We are an underground label / distro based in Helsinki, Finland focusing on the obscure, the ugly and the transgressive. While we do not limit our stock to one genre, we do tend to favor the variants of death, doom and (some) black metal, along with a healthy dose of grind and hardcore punk. We aim to carefully curate our selection based on our own personal tastes which in many cases means that we will scour the margins and fringes of the underground in order to find music and artifacts that give off that special ‘stink’ (much like a corpse… or vintage cheese, which ever floats your boat). Our goods come in the form of fanzines, records, cassettes, compact discs, shirts, books and the like, as well as plenty of second-hand curiosities. In the spirit of Lovecraft’s eyes, we peer into the eternal night and celebrate the art of the unnamable in all its aural and material manifestations – Ia Ia, Cthulhu Fhtagn!


Who is The Other Records?

The idea of The Other Records came about in the year 2016. It was a frosty night in late January in Helsinki, Finland, when our culprits were having some beers in the sauna (as you do) arguing over what was better: the first three Autopsy albums, or the first three Death albums (as you do). After much debate, an impasse was reached, and they decided to start a record store / label that might allow them to have more beers, and argue even more about music. Ultimately, we felt it was our civic duty to bring the best and ugliest of the extreme metal underground into Finland – for the good of the nation… but more importantly, for the good of the children. It’s all about the kids after all, right?


Culprit #1: Petri Eskelinen. A simple guy, Petri enjoys the finer things in life like taking a poop whilst reading the new issue of Aku Ankka, laying on his beanbag soaking in a Neurosis album for the 100th time, or creating random noises with contact mics and beat-up HM-2’s. He is also a famous DJ and plays music you probably hate, a proud father and husband, pretentious record collector as well as the vocalist of the bands Famine Year and Feastem. Oh, and he was in Rapture too (Jason lost his virginity to their first album… it’s that good), as well as a super-kvlt underground Finnish death metal band in the 90’s that you would have to pay big bucks on Discogs to get their demo (Guess the name and get 5% off of your first order!).



Culprit #2: Jason Netherton, Jason is from the land of milk and guns, aka Los Estados Unidos, but he found his way to Finland a few years ago after he got lost (he should have taken that left turn in Albuquerque). He is pretty simple too, but a lot more uptight, over-thinking everything. Petri often has to resort to smacking him back to reality. He also enjoys listening to his records (particularly old stuff from Candlemass, Voivod and Cathedral) while eating cheese balls and reading 2000 AD comics. He also moonlights in the bands Misery Index and Asphalt Graves, as well as being the author of the New York Times bestseller Extremity Retained: Notes from the Death Metal Underground.



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