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Abominog – Manifesting Void

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Death Metal band from Falls Church, VA U.S.A.

The first 8 songs are from an unreleased demo in 1994 and nine through 14 are from Resting in Your Grave.

Released by Fetch the Rope (cat. # FTR001CD), which was unauthorized by the band.

Reissued by Lost Apparitions Records on May 24, 2012. This reissue omits the “Resting in Your Grave” demo tracks.

1. Human Disgrace
2. Manifesting Void
3. Abyss of Depression
4. Into The Casket
5. Extinction of Your Thoughts
6. Spirit of Revenge
7. Black Clouds of Hate
8. Skull Rack
9. Abominog
10. Uncontrollable Hatred
11. The Punisher
12. Resting in Your Grave
13. An Act of Mutilation
14. Dr. Mortis (Warped Life)

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