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Balmog – Vacvvum

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Spain's BALMOG have been creating horrifying Black Metal since 2003, and this is their third album. You´ll get complex but “Vacvvm” is what you would want to hear from a black metal album. It’s immersed in darkness, drenched in evil, and walks in the shadows until it can approach you and stray you from the path of good.

For the fans of early Watain, Deathspell Omega and the likes…


  1. Qui immolatus iam non moritur…
  2. Eating the Descendant
  3. Hodegetria
  4. Vigil of the Blinds
  5. Inde Deus Abest
  6. Come to the Pulpit
  7. Gignesthai
  8. …sed semper vivit occisus

Playtime: 40:18

Releasedate: 2018


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