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Cropsy Maniac / Gruesome Stuff Relish MC

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Limited edition of 200 cassette tapes with full-surface printed cassette shell.

Fear is always rooted in uncertainty, and the resulting sensation is a bodily affliction as much as a mental one!

We invite to the experience of pain and paranoia, bloody dismemberments, burrowing in bowels, pure horror and fear when Goregrind bands CROPSY MANIAC (US) and GRUESOME STUFF RELISH (Spain) start to dismember each other!

CROPSY MANIAC have Kam Lee, Dave Ingram and Jonny Peterson on guest vocals!

1. Cropsy Maniac – Parasite Murders
2. Cropsy Maniac – Funeral Home
3. Cropsy Maniac – Wrong Side of the Grave
4. Gruesome Stuff Relish – Curse of the werewolf woman
5. Gruesome Stuff Relish – Putrid corpses

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