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Cut Up – Forensic Nightmares

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CUT UP were founded by drummer Tobias Gustafsson and vocalist/bassist Erik Rundqvist in early 2014. After disbanding Vomitory towards the end of 2013, and after a staggering 24 years of death metal duty, the two felt it was the obvious decision to continue creating death metal together. Soon after, guitarist Anders Bertilsson and guitarist/vocalist Andreas Björnson were recruited and CUT UP was complete. Both Bertilsson – who was previously and most notably in Coldworker (2006-2013) – and Björnson – also known from Fetus Stench – share the same musical ideals as Gustafsson and Rundqvist as well as the passion to play live.

The following months were filled with intensive writing and rehearsing, and in November 2014 CUT UP entered the studio and recorded 11 songs for the debut album, Forensic Nightmares. The whole band was involved in the songwriting process from the get-go, which makes Forensic Nightmares a solid band effort, and it’s a clear indication to which direction CUT UP is heading. With the band members’ collective resume and reputation in the metal scene, fans can expect nothing but violent, catchy, groovy and grinding death metal.

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