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Dark Tranquillity – Skydancer MC

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Dark Tranquillity  – Skydancer [TOR006]

The Other Records presents Dark Tranquillity’s groundbreaking debut 1993 Skydancer on limited cassette pressing: 100 copies on dark blue and 100 on black. Back on analog tape for the first time in 25 years, the album represents an exuberant and undeniably ambitious undertaking; it is an epic musical seance written with no boundaries on a blank canvas. At times black-death and melodic, and other times progressive and even brutal, Skydancer is an example of a band reaching out in all directions with an unbounded imagination. Guitarist Niklas Sundin describes the album as:

“Skydancer is a very weird album and there really isn’t anything else like it – for good and bad. Most of the songs contain 20+ riffs that never are repeated in the same way, and the integration of clear vocals and acoustic guitars were extremely unorthodox for its time, as were the advanced use of counterpoint and recurring musical motifs. Not to mention the lyrics. It’s unashamedly pretentious and a good example of the kind of over-the-top seriousness and attempt to define the world that one only can achieve with a young person’s worldview.” [Louderthanhell.net.]

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