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Dissection – The Somberlain 2CD

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This is Dissection’s debut. A band that would prove to be an inspiration to many black and melodic death metal bands alike. The melodic element of their raw sound became something that was much sought after in the following years, but this is where it all began.
This album is one that is so well crafted that it within this facet that lies its genius. The acoustic interludes written by Zwetsloot are just right to make links between the album’s sections. Black Horizons and The Soberlain kick things off in style, with two of the band’s biggest songs songs, not to mention epic, being played back to back. From then on one is sent into a dark atmospheric bliss with cold remnants and melodies to be remembered and felt down to your very core.

Dissection are an evil band and that came through in their sound in the early days. The melodies are catchy yet definitely have that old feeling to them that makes you know you’re listening to black metal. The guitar work here is very good, with nice interplay and interesting and tasteful solos to boot. Jon’s vocals come out very well although the album’s production is very raw to say the least. His voice leads the way for the eerie soundscape to behold. The only flaw may be found in the drum patterns. Ohman was not the most skilled of drummers but in this case one can get by that and simply enjoy the music and its effect.

A very interesting and groundbreaking release, this record is a classic.


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