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Forgotten Path Zine #2

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132 b/w pages of pure Black Metal – glossy paper, laminated cover, and professional layout.


Skyforger [Lat], 1349 [Nor], Impiety [Sng], Krater [Ger], Hekel [Ned], Livsnekad [Nor], Niroth [Gbr], Blood Stained Dusk [Usa], Argharus [Ltu], Pagan Heritage [Ned], Thyrgrim [Ger], Berserk [Esp], Besatt [Pol], Elhaz [Fra], Argus Megere [Rou], Abigor [Aut], Black Messiah [Ger], Bloodthirst [Pol], Fearbringer [Ita], Hellbox [Fin], Chthonic [Tai], Novembre [Ita], Paroxysmal Descent [Aus], Angantyr [Den], Har Shatan [Ger].

25 interviews, more than 300 reviews, reports, etc.






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