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Grave Wave Zine #2

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Grave Wave Zine #2 [Switzerland, Mar. 2016]

72 pages of pure slaughter, hand-bound. cover story: War Metal

From the authors:  “What we have for you in this edition is hell of a full load of surprising content, covered with many affectionate details. Lead story is actual and real as it can get: War Metal! About Metalheads living and banging in war zones.”

We are proud and enthusiastic to present you following bands:

Quintessenz, Infidel, Black Force, Deathcult, Evil Army, Shitfucker, Inverticrux, Blakk Old Blood, Energumen, Deathstorm, Schizophasia, Cobra Death, Tadnees, Seeds Of Iblis, Svolder, Alien Possession, Dark Phantom, Thundertank, Plaguestorm, Human Behavior, Tank Fist, Despond Womb, Death Switch, Ruptured, God Fearing Fuck

Be armed for contents like:

Coverstory: War Metal; Headbangers in war zones.
Haunting Articles like “Projectification”
Over 15 Band interviews and reviews
A review of the infernal CHAOS RITVAL
Zombified handmade drawings by us and guests
New arrivals in the metal scene!
Exclusive underground material


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