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Grave Wave Zine #3

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Grave Wave Zine #3 [Switzerland, Dec. 2017]

From the authors: “New terror printed on paper/hand-bound!!!
Once again (Ufffh them again!) — We proudly present the next bomb. Covered with metal bands all over the world, some new collaborations, dark humor and inhuman treatment like you already know it. Your favourite toilet read number one, timely for the new (even more infested) year!!! With: Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Bölzer, Hante., Infuscation, Lycia, Macabre, Profaner , Rekrucifixiön , Warth, Dark Awake, Deranged, Funeralopolis, Mangler, Nekrohowl, Nuctemeron, Occult Burial, The Cavemen, Vitriol, Spectral Voice, Wolfbrigade, Occvlta, Repression, Ch’ahom , Ultra Silvam, Fvneral Fvkk


Coverstory: The Unholy Trinity Of Metal!
Specials: Andrey Iskanov and Paolo Girardi interview
Over 26 band interviews and reviews
Collaboration with Remo ‘ Thunder ‘ Bolt-thrower (Comic Artist)
Underground metal slander compilation
Zombified handmade drawings by us and guests
New arrivals in the metal scene! (Reviews by Azgeyst)
Exclusive Cuba Metal Report
More atrocities from Donald Fuck
And ‘Schweizer Kraftausdrücke vom Feinsten’


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