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Gravestone – Sickening

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Gravestone hails from Växjö, Sweden and they Fuggin’ RIP. Revitalizing and cantankerous, this is the punishing full-length you know you need. Eat death!

(from Raw Skullz): “While the “Rotten Kill” mcd was some sick solid swedeath, this album is even tighter and more crushingly heavy!!! Its killer leads and mid-tempo crushing is old school to the bone.”

-Drums were recorded at the Bloodshed Studios by Jimmy Lundqvist Entrails).
-Guitars, bass and vocals recorded at Tombthrasher Studios by Penki Samuelsson (Entrails. Gravestone).
-Mixed and mastered by Penki Samuelsson
-Album art by Patrik Tegnander, Chainsaw Design (Gravebomb).

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