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Grond – Howling From the Deep

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Absolutely crushing Russian Lovecraftian death metal from this Moscow-based trio.

Re-issue incl. bonus tracks.
Complete new artwork and lay-out done by Daemorph.
1. Astrophobos. 2. Innsmouth 3. Howling From the Deep 4. Azagthoth 5. Sea Tanks 6. Infected Gods 7. Half-Life Decay 8. Stinking Suicide 9. Homo Ferus 10. Outro 11. R’lieh 12. Astrophobos 13. Half Life Decay 14. Infected Gods
Track 11 was recorded for Howling From The Deep, but wasn’t included in the album.
Tracks 12, 13 and 14 Recorded in 2009. Unreleased in this format.

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