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Morbid Evils – Deceases MC


Morbid Evils new album ‘Deceases’ – limited to 100 copies split between black vomit and pus yellow. An absolutely devastating display of agonizing pain in 6 acts, this album will choke the life from you, one slow painful second at a time… All on filthy analog tape! Adorning the album cover is the painting “Tukala Pietari” by Jerker Ramberg. Sounds on the album were captured on tape and mixed by Keijo Niinimaa, with mastering duties handled by Pelle Henricsson of Tonteknik.

The album takes a bold leap from their sludge-death metalish origins and towards a more original, minimalist approach. The air hangs heavy as droning, buzzing walls of downtuned guitars grind against punishingly pummeling drums in slow motion and everything around us seems to be another step closer to death. While wallowing in the unpleasantries of life Morbid Evils manage to churn out something wholly original in the congested sludge metal genre – if a grind/drone hybrid existed, it might sound like this. With their downtuned slo-mo aesthetics, nasty black metal-ish buzzsaw guitar harmonies and a drone metal-like sense of space in music, Morbid Evils are on a path of their own.



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Formed by Keijo Niinimaa (Rotten Sound), the sludgy Finnish four-piece Morbid Evils crawled out from the sewers in early 2014, and have already sparked off a buzz after a string of underground shows and the digital single “In Hate,” released last. Bearing the title In Hate With The Burning World, the debut album will be released on March 6th, 2015 on CD, LP, and digital formats.

Morbid Evils started in early 2014 out of the members’ shared love of downtuned riffs played at a slug’s pace and their hatred of humanity in general, and at the brink of summer, they found themselves with an album’s worth of original material. Recording sessions and post-production took place throughout the hot season in the darkness of the band’s own rehearsal room. The album was created from start to finish with a strongly organic approach, and much of the instrumentation was recorded live. Comments Keijo Niinimaa, “We have a desolate worldview, and our aim is to create soundscapes that suck the listener into fiery sewers in which there is no hope for a future.”

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