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Occultation – Silence In The Ancestral House

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“The doors of dawn open their eyes, his voyage begins…”

By creating a singular and defined sound that culls from ‘70s prog, classic ‘80s goth and death rock, and classic traditional metal, OCCULTATION have taken things to the next plateau with “Silence In The Ancestral House” on pretty much every sonic and aesthetic level.

Conjuring a very haunting, alluring, and perplexing sound picture, OCCULTATION’s challenging and next-level sound is one that defines itself in its own distinct vision astray from what many of their contemporaries in whatever kind of doom-infused retro-whatever rock tree the many dwell and lie within.

OCCULTATION’s unique vision was displayed with their “Three & Seven” debut and with “Silence In The Ancestral House” OCCULTATION (which features guitarist E. Miller of Negative Plane amongst its collective) have taken their cinematic canvas of sound into further realms beyond.

Recorded/engineered and mixed by CONVERGE guitarist Kurt Ballou in Godcity Studios and mastered by Audiosiege, tracklisting for “Silence In The Ancestral House” goes as follows:

1. Intro
2. The First Of The Last
3. Laughter In The Halls Of Madness
4. All Hallow’s Fire
5. The Place Behind The Sky
6. The Dream Tide
7. Intermission
8. Forever Hereafter
9. Silence In The Ancestral House

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