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Ride For Revenge – Ageless Powers Arise LP

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RIDE FOR REVENGE’s fifth album, Ageless Powers Arise, on black vinyl LP. For over a decade now, RIDE FOR REVENGE have maintained one of the most unique sounds in the black/death underground – and prolifically, at that – with their debut album, 2007’s The King of Snakes, being the watershed moment where this Finnish entity boldly unfurled its uneasy ‘n’ unclean primitivism-unto-ritualism onto unsuspecting ears. Since then, the duo became a trio, and their original vision – murky, miasmic, even tribal black metal debased down to its most primitive state, originally using only drums and mangled strings run through a bass amp – has ever so slightly expanded to include noisier textures and even early grindcore. (Hells Headbangers)


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