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Slash Dance Zine #2

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Issue #2 / Winter 2018
More horror, more movies, music, macabre, art, comedy, and plenty more weird!

32 pages
Full color glossy cover / black & white interior
Dimensions = 5.5″ x 8.5″
Zine is packaged in 6×9 sealed poly bag
All zine orders come w/ FREE stickers!

* Special holiday horror artwork from Monzuki (Skin Deep Tattoo), Perineum Stew (Tainted Art), Psycho Street Bum (Damaged Brain Designs), and Glacial Faces.

* Featured Guest Writer Cassandra Sechler’s 5-Step Guide to Making Fake Guts.

* Gross-Out Trading Cards from the 1980’s: Garbage Pail Kids, Grossville High, Weird Ball, Awesome All-Stars / Baseball’s Greatest Gross-Outs

* MAD Scientist Experiments in Terror: VHS + Toys from Mattel (1987)

* Nightmares & Wax is back with must-see VHS mixtapes

* More Shadows On The Grave news

* More art from Gina Vee, LOMAX, Consumerart

* Retro Picture Show’s February & March horror movie line-ups


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