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Slowly We Rot Zine #12 + CD (2019)

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Slowly We Rot #12 / 2018 (English written, factory printed, 52 pages, black/white, glossy, A4 format)

Featuring interviews with: Abhorrence, Abolishing the Ignominious, Aesthetics of a Loss, Big Bad Wolf, Chasing Death, Convictive, Deathmace, Deus Omega, Dispyt, Dornenreich, Dungeon, DungeönHammer, Early Death, Haeiresis, Horna, Human Serpent
Infernotion, Insineratehymn, Internal Bleeding, Lelahell, Lycanthro, On Thorns I Lay, Perennial Quest, Piercing Immortality, Presumption, Provectus, Schattenfang, Strip the Soul, Vomitory, Vulcano, Wallachia, Wrathrone

+ BATHORY vintage interview, reviews, zine scene
+ free compilation CD!

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