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The Word Keeps Turning #2

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UK-based digest -sized zine. Pro printed. Issue #2 feat. a step into the uncompromising world of globe-trotting bands, these are tales that reveal some hard truths about touring. Features new candid interviews with CYNIC, MISERY INDEX, MY DYING BRIDE, EXTREME NOISE TERROR. Plus, classic interviews with METALLICA (from Ron Quintana’s famous Metal Mania fanzine) and MORBID ANGEL and CANNIBAL CORPSE (from webzine Unchain the Underground). There are also some brief chats with XENTRIX, LAWNMOWER DETH, BIOHAZARD, MEMORIAM. Finally, there’s a failed interview with GUNS N ROSES drummer Matt Sorum during an ill-fated drunken night with an actor later jailed.

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