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Unfathom (by Ronald Zieger)

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UNFATHOM is the joint venture of ten diverse artists, resulting in a strangely
coherent book. From the figurative to the abstract to the
monochromatic to the brightly surreal: their
work merges into bizarre and
unreal worlds.

Unfathom is a 208-page hardcover art book written and edited by Ronald Zieger. Printed in late September 2015 at Typodesign, Ceske Budejovice, on Profi Matt 130 g/sqm paper, and set in Berthold Baskerville Book. Published by Doomentia Press.

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“… art may also serve as a means to open a gateway to a plane even beyond the merely psychological one, a plane that is essentially located in spirituality, or transcendence. Only at this level the narrow limits of the mundane, the profane, are truly surpassed. Picasso possibly tried to convey the very same idea when he, poetically, noted, that the ‘purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.’ (…) ‘Unfathom,’ a neologism, endeavours to illustrate that rather than trying to look for exhaustive explanations, the great mystery surrounding art is acknowledged.”

– From the Introduction

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